The KEY Points why to choose
GSK QED Golf Simulator
Golf Ball & Golf Club Tracking System

  • FULL BALL and CLub Data MEasurement System

Full Ball + SPIN DATA Measurement Accuracy
An 3000 FPS Camera captures the Ball and Spin in Real Time, and shows the Data after the Shot as a Video, no Hidden Data Points
Backspin & Topspin +/- 100 RPM
Side Spin or Spin Axis +/- 50 RPM or 0,2°
Ball Speed +/- 0,3mph
Ball Launch Angle +/- 0,5°
Ball Launch Direction +/- 0,25°

 max. 400 Meters Carry / min. Putt 10 cm 

Full Club Head Data Accuracy
Club Speed +/- 0,5 mph
Club Path +/- 0,3°
Club Face Angle +/- 0,25°

3000 FPS - Dual Camera Tracking System

  • Proven System

From professional to amateur golfers, QED aims to be the best practice equipment for golfers.

Provides the best available Data on the market with outstanding accuracy. 

It does not matter if you
Play, Practice, Teach or a Fitting Pro with QED you get the best data for all your needs!

  • Optimal Solution

Provides a variety of content to improve your golf skills: driving complex, approach, putting

Specialized in practice exercises for real rounds: Short Game Complex

You can also prepare for actual round preparation: Stroke, practice mode in the course

  • Best Data

Foresight GCQuad or Trackman4 Class data
+ Maximum accuracy
+ Various content
= Use ALL-IN-ONE product

incl. 20 Courses
Club and Ball Fitting Software
Swing Software

For Price please Email our Sales Team!

Multiple Default Software Features

Stroke Play

Stroke play mode

Amazingly like playing on a real course

Provide a realistic course map.

Check your practice and skills before the round!

On Course Practice

Practice your shot at the desired location on the course

Before or during the round

Train like never before.

Driving Range

Trackman level data and posture in real time

Smart features you can check!
Club Video Replay
Ball Spin Video Replay

Optimized for your improvement!

Short Game Complex

Driving, short game complex

QED’s core practice program

The key is to adjust the direction and distance you want!

Optimized for improved direction and distance accuracy!

Hi Quality 4K Graphics Engine

The Game Software Features an Hi End 4K compatible 3D Graphics Engine
It Displays the Course so real, you think you are playing on a real Golf Course!
Ball and Flight Physics are so accurate you even can practice an spinning chip indoors!

QED Mobile APP

The QED app in English will be released in July 2019.

All the data of your practice session – all saved to your Free QED Account!
Never seen Data in this detail before in an APP from an Simulator System.

Improve your golf skills with the QED app!

QED Indoor Golf Centers

"Create more Revenue with a system, that is so accurate, that even the "Big Cat" would not see a difference between real World and the Simulation!​"
Oliver Riepl
PGA Golf Professional

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